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No matter what industry your business is in, you can rest assured that Xfernet has services that fit your needs.

We have extensive experience in working with clients across all verticals, providing services that best position your IT resources to further drive your business goals and objectives.



Being a Los Angeles-based company, we have a deep knowledge of and relationships with the entertainment/media sector. We work with companies ranging from the largest television and movie studios to the smaller, independent production companies. Due to the fast-paced nature of this industry, uptime, performance and security are paramount. Our services ensure that your content reaches its intended audience at the speed you need and the quality you want.

Some core services our Entertainment/Media clients enjoy are:

Financial/Legal Services

Security is important for all business, but for companies in the Financial/Legal Services industry, there is nothing more critical. Coupled with compliance and regulatory requirements, companies in this vertical are held to the highest standards. At Xfernet, our own business is held to the highest of security and compliance standards, demonstrated with our SOC 2 compliance certification. We understand the demands of this industry and have services to provide you with peace of mind that your IT is never compromised.

Some core services our Financial/Legal Services clients enjoy are:

  • ActiveBC Business Continuity
  • DDOS Mitigation




For all the required development and testing that gaming and technology companies need to do on an ongoing basis, reliable IT infrastructure is a key priority. We go beyond simply providing virtual space – we make sure that you get the most secure, reliable, and highly performing infrastructure and managed services available in the market. With our optimized network and infrastructure services, you can focus on business-critical development that takes your business to the next level.

Some core services our Gaming/Technology clients enjoy are:


In the fast-paced, crowded landscape of Retail and eCommerce, reliable systems with high availability and strong performance can provide your business a competitive edge. Your customers demand speed, security and reliability – you cannot afford a minute of downtime. Leverage our services to ensure your business stays online with full scalability and agility to meet growing demands. Regardless of the number of transactions, you can rest assured that each one will be processed smoothly and seamlessly.

Some core services our Retail/eCommerce clients enjoy are:


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