Hybrid Cloud

Connect your dedicated, private and public cloud infrastructures in a true hybrid cloud solution.

Blend the best of all worlds

By using multiple platforms, you can achieve the highest performance solution while gaining the most flexibility. Hybrid cloud hosting also allows you to maximize performance by utilizing the private connection between platforms to distribute your workloads to the optimal environment. Leverage the power of cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting and colocation into a single optimized IT environment.

The hybrid cloud approach eliminates the need for spreading your infrastructure across disconnected self-managed data centers and disparate hosting providers and eliminates the costs associated with maintaining underutilized infrastructures. Combine the best characteristics of public cloud, private cloud and private dedicated managed infrastructure to build the most cost effective hybrid cloud infrastructure for your critical business services with the flexibility to scale your services in response to changing demand and workloads.


Choose dedicated server hosting for high compute power, predictable costs and total privacy. Dedicated infrastructure using your choice of enterprise server hardware and network gear customized to your needs and budget, with no CAPEX or hassle.

  • Predictable, recurring monthly costs with no CAPEX and low OPEX
  • Consistent, high-powered performance on enterprise hardware
  • Perfect For power hungry workloads & database services

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Choose a private cloud for dedicated resources, privacy & compliancy / regulatory needs. Managed infrastructure that lets you quickly deploy virtual servers and services, without increasing costs, while achieving compliancy goals.

  • Dedicated resources. Deploy VMs instantly or automatically
  • Create, build, deploy and manage as needed
  • Excellent for responding to compliancy & regulatory needs.

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Choose public cloud servers for on-demand scalability whenever you need it. Easily integrate your dedicated infrastructure with public cloud servers, giving true font-end flexibility to easily scale when demand increases & pay-as-you-go pricing.

  • Dynamic auto-scaling and rapid deployment
  • Easy load balancing for high-traffic sites and apps
  • Great for web servers and other front-end app services

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Hybrid Cloud Features

We believe that since your business and objectives are unique, your hosting service should be too. Speak to an Xfernet cloud hosting expert about a custom hybrid cloud solution that will save you money while improving your organization’s efficiency and user experience.

    Your dedicated infrastructure consists of your choice of enterprise-grade Intel-based dedicated servers hosted in our SOC 2 Type 2 compliant data centers and connected to our fully redundant 10G network. Predictable recurring monthly costs make budgeting easy. The power of a dedicated server makes them ideal for running power hungry applications or database operations. A dedicated server can easily be combined with Cloud Servers, Private Clouds or both to create a true hybrid cloud hosting environment.
    Purpose-built for your business, Xfernet’s ActiveGrid Private Cloud gives organizations all of the traditional benefits of virtualization – increased agility, maximized operational efficiency, and increased IT control – coupled with the security inherent in a private, single-tenant environment. With a Private Cloud the infrastructure is completely yours, without the security or compliance concerns of shared platforms. Quickly deploy virtual servers and services, without increasing costs.

    ActiveGrid Cloud Servers are on-demand virtual servers engineered to deliver performance and reliability, while providing additional scalability and elasticity to your Hybrid Cloud solution. Dynamic auto-scaling is a great way for handling workload spikes. Built-in availability and redundancy through self-healing technology ensures dependability and maximum uptime. Cloud Servers can easily be customized and integrated with Dedicated Servers, Private Clouds or both, using a secure private VLAN.
    Hosting with Xfernet is not just about the latest technology. We’re committed to helping your organization achieve its goals and ambitions by treating you as an individual, with custom solutions, specialist expertise and a range of services tailored to your needs and requirements. We have numerous years of experience and an expert team of exceptionally skilled, friendly and passionate staff. But what really makes us different is that we enjoy what we do and can’t wait to help.

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