Designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network

The Xfernet network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance.

Focusing on both redundancy and performance, our “Zero-downtime” architecture allows our network to rapidly self-heal from failures without interruptions to connectivity. Additionally, not only do we connect to multiple Tier1 providers, but all core, distribution and aggregation level switching includes entirely redundant chassis allowing any routing device to fail without interrupting client connectivity.

In addition, Xfernet has implemented ActiveRoute, an intelligent routing platform with BGP optimization automation. ActiveRoute is constantly analyzing network traffic and upstream routes to improve overall BGP performance, reroute around congestion and outages, and reduce latency and packet loss.

Network Highlights

  • 100% Network Uptime SLA
  • ActiveRoute Intelligent Route Optimization – dynamically evaluates and optimizes network routes
  • Redundant 10GIG-E fiber connections to multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Redundant dark fiber connections on diverse physical paths to separate locations

  • Fully redundant 10G Ethernet internal network
  • Burstable dedicated 1000Mbps uplink ports as standard for all customers
  • Fully IPv6 ready – minimum of /64 for each Customer (upon request)

Premium Tier-1 Bandwidth Providers

  • LEVEL 3
    Level 3 builds, protects and manages the networks you rely on to connect everyone in your enterprise to the resources they need, to each other and to your customers. We know how important your network is to you, because networks are everything to us. Ultimately, Level 3 is committed to one vision: To be the trusted connection to the networked world.
    NTT Communications covers more than 150 countries worldwide with the most extensive coverage in the Asia-Pacific region. Our strong Asia-Pacific layer 1 network provides redundancy with double triangles connecting major Asian cities and a ladder network to link Japan, the US and Europe. Diverse network paths with auto re-route capability in layer 2 networks guarantee quality and performance. To support rapid growth in Internet traffic, NTT Communications has been continuously upgrading its Global Tier-1 IP backbone with increased bandwidth and direct connections to major ISPs in Asia, the U.S., Europe and Oceania. The network currently boasts the industry’s largest dedicated Trans-Pacific Internet bandwidth managed under one single policy with industry leading SLAs.
    Direct connectivity between content and customers is the key to high-quality, low-latency delivery. We own and operate the third largest IP backbone in the world. This provides a direct, uninterrupted path between 200 PoPs throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our high bandwidth managed interconnections with other Tier 1 networks provide a full global routing table with minimal AS hops. Reliability is built into our backbone with network diversity at the physical layer. Geographically diverse fiber combined with dual PoPs – in major cities and all major international gateways – ensure that your network never goes down.
    The nLayer Communications Global IP Network was designed from the ground up to provide a robust, legacy-free, highly scalable network with unmatched performance. nLayer operates core routing POPs capable of delivering multiple 10 Gigabit per second circuits in twenty-four (24) major metro markets, spanning North America, Europe, and Asia. By strategically positioning core routing infrastructure near key Internet interconnections points, nLayer is able to provide lower latency service and increased bandwidth scalability, at reduced cost. nLayer also maintains over 2 Terabits per second of interconnection capacity with other Internet networks, and delivers almost all of its IP traffic via an extensive set of peering relationships with hundreds of critical carrier and service provider networks worldwide.
    Consistently ranked as a Top 5 Internet provider, GTT’s clients enjoy the fastest and most reliable Internet experience across the globe. With over 140,000 routes, GTT connects your network directly to over one-third of the Internet prefixes with no traffic delays and guaranteed packet delivery. Our 200 points-of-presence are located in the major data centers around the world, making it easy to connect with GTT. GTT’s global IP network is built upon carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper Networks, the foremost provider of next-generation IP core routers. We offer one of the most advanced BGP Community systems in the industry providing clients with detailed route information and complete control over their advertisements by neighbor ASN, continent, region or city for optimal traffic control.

Peering Overview

Xfernet has worked diligently to design and implement the best possible network for our customers, and connecting directly to peers has been an important piece to this effort. A well connected network lowers the number of A/S hops and helps to prevent overall latency. Quite simply, if one network is bogged down, there is always another direct path available. Having built a strong foundation working with our existing Tier-1 Providers, we continue to add peers that boast some of the industry’s most respected networks, which should provide peace of mind to those who dread latency and slow transfers.

Any2 Internet Exchange is owned and operated by CoreSite and is the largest Internet Exchange on the west coast with over 200 members. CoreSite provides direct access to Any2 switches from any CoreSite data center, with regional exchanges accessible in California and the Northeast (Boston, New York, Washington DC). Multiple switches feature a dual-core set-up for increased reliability and improved network disaster recovery configuration.

The Equinix Internet Exchange provides an efficient and cost-effective means to leverage the aggregation of enterprises, content providers and networks operating within Equinix IBX centers for traffic exchange and transit, resulting in enhanced speed and reliability of network and content peering and a more robust end-user experience. Through the Equinix Internet Exchange service, customers can directly connect to each other for traffic exchange via a convenient and flexible central switching fabric managed by Equinix. This streamlined connectivity improves end-to-end network performance, reduces latency and packet loss, and lowers overall IP transit costs.

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