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Built with security, connectivity, redundancy and resilience in mind

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The Xfernet Los Angeles Data Center facility has been built with security, connectivity, redundancy and resilience in mind. Built from the ground up, the “Zero Downtime” design and implementation of our 10,000 sq ft Los Angeles Data Center, combined with skillful employees who work around the clock to ensure that services run smooth and without any hiccups, provides our customers with the highest grade of protection against any potential interruptions.

    Never worry about power outages again! Our highly reliable power backup systems ensure constant, uninterrupted power to your equipment. Three Inline UPS systems operate independently to provide true redundancy, while our Diesel generator always remains on standby. If commercial power fails, Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) immediately activate generators, monitor electric feeds and transfer stabilized loads to the generators. The Inline UPS systems keeps equipment and infrastructure seamlessly powered, preventing resets while generators kick in. Our staff proactively performs twice daily walkthroughs of the facility and checks equipment performance.
    Temperature and humidity are precisely regulated, year-round, to ensure optimal equipment reliability. Cabinet layout has been planned and implemented for optimum airflow – hot and cold aisles separate exhaust and intake, which is combined with our high density cabinets that exhaust air directly into the ceiling. Industry-leading Liebert air units are used for under-floor cooling and humidity control. Each cooling unit contains independent compressors and cooling loops to further enhance fault tolerance and reliability. Air filtration systems actively remove foreign particles from circulation and cycle the entire data center air supply in a matter of minutes. Our staff proactively performs twice daily walk-throughs of the facility and checks equipment performance.
    Our security systems are designed to provide the most secure working environment for customers and their infrastructure. Our facilities our manned 24x7x365, with access control granted through multiple layers of card readers and keypads. CCTV security cameras monitor the entire data center, including all entries, exits, employee-only access, and secured areas. Access control and video log history are retained in accordance with our SOC 2 Type 2, HIPAA and PCI Compliancy. Additionally, all equipment areas are accessible only by cardkey and keypads, and all cabinets and cages are lock and secure, with additional security upgrades available.
    Safety is one aspect that cannot be ignored in a data center environment, and we strive to provide the safest working environment for customers and their infrastructure. Using advanced level environmental and fire suppression controls, our facility uses a zone-based, integrated smoke/heat detection system, combined with a pre-action, dry-pipe, fire suppression system, which is rated for telecommunication equipment/computer rooms. All equipment areas are raised floor, with overhead cable management systems allowing us to neatly route all cabling. The entire facility has been seismically braced both internally and externally to handle a really big earthquake.

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